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Step into the heartwarming world of our small-town baking company, a dream realized by a close-knit family and friends with grand visions. Our charming establishment is more than a bakery; it's a delightful fusion of bakery, sandwich haven, and pizzeria. Each savory and sweet creation is crafted with love and generations-old family recipes. From mouthwatering sandwiches made with artisanal bread to savory pizzas, every dish is a testament to our big dreams baked into each delightful bite. Welcome to a place where family, flavor, and dreams come together. 

Preserving Culinary Heritage

In a small community, the tapestry of flavors tells a rich culinary tale. From cherished family recipes passed down through generations to iconic eateries that have become woven into the fabric of our shared history, each dish carries the essence of our community's past. Preserving this culinary heritage becomes a culinary duty, as new restaurants arise to honor and build upon the foundation laid by those who came before. Through innovative menus that pay homage to tradition, these establishments become not just places to dine but vital custodians of our flavorful legacy.

Then and Now

The former Pizza King, once a culinary haven for pizza enthusiasts, underwent a transformative journey, evolving from the Mermaid Lounge, the Yankee Lady and now into the baking company we see today. This historic building seamlessly blends its pizza and bar past with a new chapter of artisanal breads, pastries, confections and of course pizza.